Abilities are enabled by unlocking skills. Being one of most crucial Total War gameplay mechanics, they're classed between active and passive. Abilities provide strong tactical advantage for your character on the battlefield when deployed as general.


Type of abilityEdit

Passive BuffEdit

Passive DebuffEdit


  1. Turning the Tide: Enabled if: Enemy unit routing in range. +25% Ranged Damage - Armour-piercing, 25% Ranged Damage - Base, +25% Melee Damage - Base, +25% Melee Damage - Armour-piercing, +10 Morale, Effected range: 100m, Duration: Infinite

Active BuffEdit

Active DebuffEdit

Melee AttackEdit

Melee attack involves direct melee combat

Missile AttackEdit

Missile attack ability involves the use of bow

Missile DebuffEdit

Fire arrows and suppressing fire gives missile debuff to enemy units.

List of abilitiesEdit

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