Administrator is a court position in Total War: Three Kingdoms that overlooks a Commandery.

Overview[edit | edit source]

  • Administrators will give the Commandery you choose buffs and bonuses,, and the type of buff/bonus depends on the hero class of your Administrator .
  • Administrators will give your faction one more available army.
  • Higher faction rank unlocks more Administrator positions.
  • Administrators can still be deployed on the battlefield, unlike characters who are deployed on Assignment.
  • Administrators cannot be deployed on Assignment.
  • If an Administrator is not deployed in an army, he/she will station at the garrison of local capital settlement. Further, the upkeep cost for his own garrisoned retinue will be waived.
  • When Administrators with low satisfaction leave the faction, he/she will bring the Commandery with him/her.

The benefit of Administrators is obvious. The player can have them administer a commandery and still deploy them elsewhere on the field. With this, the player can employ important generals in your army as Administrators, and still have them available to command on the field for mobility, to defend and engage in combat anywhere they wish on the campaign map.

However, if the players court has multiple characters with low satisfaction due to a lack of purpose, the player would be better off employing the characters without a job as Administrators. This way, their opinion towards your faction will improve, aswell as providing addtional defense for the local commandery.

The first Administrator slot is unlocked after the player reaches the rank of Second Marquis. This will give you one Administrator slot. Be considerable when choosing which character should receive this position, as it is crucial having a good Administrator in the early game.

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