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Aeneas, son of Aphrodite, stands ready to protect his kinsmen in Troy, eagerly awaiting his coming destiny.
— campaign loading screen

Aeneas is a historical and playable character featured in Total War Saga: Troy. He is a son of Aphrodite and leads the Dardanians.

Hero profile[]

The mighty warrior Aeneas was the son of the love-goddess Aphrodite, the first cousin of Priam, and second only to Hector in military prowess among the allies of Troy. According to the Iliad, when Aeneas faced certain death in battle, the gods themselves interceded to spare his life. As lord of fertile and prosperous Dardania, he fought with honour and dignity, commanding the vast numbers of conscripts at his disposal to overwhelm his enemies on the battlefield.

The gods of Olympus may have had a greater destiny in mind when they decided to favour the Dardanian ruler: in the Aeneid, Virgil claims that the king and his men fled west after the Trojan War, settling in Italy where they became the progenitors of the Roman people. Aeneas himself was believed to be the ancestor of Romulus and Remus, the legendary founders of Rome.


Pious Aeneas is the son of Aphrodite and firmly believes in the great destiny the Olympians have in store for him. Occasionally, he can perform missions in the name of a god to gain their divine favour.

Aeneas claims he can communicate with the denizens of the Underworld - spirits of fallen heroes of the past. In this way, he can tap into their wisdom, although the commoners abhor these activities, considering them unnatural.