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Ajax & Diomedes is the third DLC for A Total War Saga: Troy. It introduces the two eponymous Epic Heroes from Homer’s Iliad along with unique unit rosters, powerful Paragon units, new Epic Mission chains and new special event to conquer Troy.

Content overview[]

A Total War Saga: TROY – Ajax & Diomedes Faction Pack includes:

  • 2 new factions: Salamis and Argos
  • 2 overhauled Epic Heroes: Ajax and Diomedes
  • 18 new units
  • Mighty Paragon units
  • 4 new faction mechanics
  • New special event to conquer Troy (Stealing the Palladium)
  • New Thebes campaign model and battle map

Character overview[]

Ajax and Diomedes are two legendary heroes from Homer’s Iliad who are summoned by Agamemnon’s war cry to conquer the ancient city of Troy.

Ajax of Salamis is the shield that protects the Achaean host. A man of epic proportions, he’s known for his unsurpassed strength and is rumoured to be descended from the mythic giants. His unit roster relies on slow but very heavily equipped defensive infantry to hold the line, while his powerful missile units take advantage of protected positions. Play as Ajax and follow his path from being a warrior of Salamis to becoming Ajax the Great.

Diomedes is the young king of Argos, who rose to the throne after his father died trying to seize the city of Thebes. Despite only being in his twenties, Diomedes is a veteran in the ways of war and has used his martial might to establish Argos as an exceedingly powerful city, second only to great Mycenae. His unit roster specializes in crushing attacks with well-rounded axe and sword infantry combined with quick flanking units able to ambush their foes from surprising locations. Play as Diomedes and help him surpass his father’s legacy by conquering Thebes and proving his tactical genius.

Unit overview[]

There are a variety of new units in A Total War Saga: Troy – Ajax & Diomedes, divided into two rosters.

The Salamis units are: The Argos units are:

Paragon units[]

Paragon units are extra-special units with strong stats, attributes, and aura abilities who are led by a seasoned veteran. They are added to the game via Special Recruitment.

Some of Ajax’s Paragons have aura abilities that buff allies in a circle around them. Others have less abilities and more raw power. They often allow Ajax to access units outside his roster – the hero Neoptolemus leads a unit of very powerful Myrmidons, for example.

For Diomedes, the Paragons are trained by the Epigoni – sons of the heroes who fell at Thebes. Diomedes himself is one of the Epigoni, as his father met his end at the seven-gated city. Diomedes can create the Paragon unit he wants, combining a set of buffs with any regular unit from his roster.

Hephaestus free DLC[]

Alongside the DLC, a free content update, introduces Hephaestus, the god of blacksmiths and volcanoes, to the Divine Will system, as well as the Divine Craftsman Epic Agent.

With these additions, players can replenish their army with new equipment, build a temple to Hephaestus in a settlement, and recruit units there. Already recruited units, can be moved to the temple and have their equipment upgraded for a fee. Another option is to add the Divine Craftsman to an army. On each turn the agent is in the army, several units receive this equipment. The equipment increases the attack and the armour of the unit.

Patch 1.5.0[]

A new patch alongside the DLC that will launch to fix a number of issues in the game.