Anaraut is a historical and playable character featured in Thrones of Britannia.[1] He is the leader of Gwined.

Tob anaraut poster


The eldest son of Rhodri the Great, Anaraut and his brothers, Cadell and Merfyn, were known by the Welsh Triads as the Three Diademed Princes of the Isle of Britain. They worked closely together against the rulers of the remaining lesser kingdoms of Wales.

When Cadell turned on his brother Merfyn, Anaraut allied with the Danish king in York but this was not to last.

Anaraut turned to Alfred the Great of Wessex and they forged an alliance. King Alfred stood witness at his confirmation as he received honors and gifts from the Saxons. Anaraut’s new Saxon allies helped him to repel a raid by the Danes around 894 and to ravage Cadell's lands in Ceredigion and Ystrad Tywi the next year.

Anaraut died in 916, and was succeeded by his eldest son Idwal the Bald.