The Anteans are a playable faction in Total War: Attila. They belong to the Slavic Culture Pack DLC.

Overview Edit

Amidst a world in chaos, the Anteans hold fast between the mighty Prut and Dniester rivers.

The Slavic tribes of the lower Danube were known to Roman historians by the 3rd century AD, and it is to them that the name 'Antae' or 'Antes' is attributed. Often considered to be an off-shoot of the Venedians, the Anteans nevertheless fought with savage fury themselves, forging both independence and an identity of their own. The Goths encountered them as they travelled west, fleeing from the rampaging, nomadic Huns, learning painfully of Antean aggression and tenacity - losing several brutal battles before capturing the Antean king and bringing the war to an abrupt, ignoble end. Ironically, the Anteans were saved from subjugation by the advancing Huns, who forced the Goths to continue their westward flight before they were able to establish total dominance.

The dawning of the 5th century AD promises nothing but further chaos across Europe; the Huns continue to maraud whilst the Roman Empire braces against them, desperately hoping to hold back the tide, even making concessions to the so-called barbarians who have been their traditional enemies for many hundreds of years. Amidst this, the Anteans stand firm, determined to prove themselves strong, to emerge a unified Slavic power!

Faction TraitsEdit

Cultural TraitsEdit

Hardy WarriorsEdit

"Born of the frozen north, the Slavs are masters of agriculture and dogged, determined enemies."

  • Attrition: Immune to snow attrition
  • No colonisation cost
  • Construction cost: -50% for main settlement buildings

Faction TraitsEdit

Liberty For WolvesEdit

"Skilled in using terrain to their advantage, and no small danger to any would-be invader."

  • Morale, Melee Defence, Melee Attack: +20 and Melee Damage: +20% when fighting in a forest
  • Morale, Melee Defence, Melee Attack: +20 and Melee Damage: +20% when fighting a river battle
  • Morale, Melee Defence, Melee Attack: -10 and Melee Damage: -10% when fighting on grassland or desert plains

Unit RosterEdit

Melee Infantry Slavic AmbushersSlavic Axe LevySlavic Axe WarriorsSlavic AxemenSlavic ChampionsPerun's AxesPerun's ChampionsWarlord's GuardSlavic Warriors
Spear Infantry Chosen ShieldsSlavic Large ShieldsSlavic Levy SpearmenSlavic Noble SpearmenSlavic Spearmen
Missile Infantry Slavic ArchersSlavic HuntersSlavic Levy ArchersSlavic Levy SkirmishersSlavic Noble SkirmishersPoison ArchersPoison HuntersSlavic Skirmishers

Missile Cavalry Slavic Horse RaidersSlavic RaidersSvarog's Raiders
Siege Artillery OnagerBastion Onager

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