The Apachean Tribes on the ingame faction selection screen

The Apachean Tribes are a faction in the Medieval II Total War: Kingdoms Americas campaign. They can field fierce and brave troops, with many skilled archers, and can use their enemies' technology against them. Despite this, however, they wear very little armour and wield mostly archaic weapons. They are unique from other factions in the Americas campaign due to their ability to call a Warpath, which is similar to a Crusade and Jihad in that it grants double movement to the armies that join. They follow the Great Spirit as their religion.

On open plains and under a pale, blue sky, arround mountains and rugged messas, the many Apachean tribes roam far and wide over the north of the New World. Many tribes, such as the Navajo, Kiowa and Jicarilla are linked through common cultures and languages, but are fierce competitors for teritories and resources, even amongst themselves.

Most people of the Apachean Tribes hunt bison on the plains and live in hide tents that are easily constructed and brought down, so they can follow the movements of the herds. Some tribes use dogs to haul their belongings and carry trade goods, which they exchange for goods such as corn.

Apachean Tribes.JPG

The Apachean warriors are brave, fearless and highly skilled at warfare, whether using bows, spears, hatchets or weapons taken from their enemies. Woe betides the enemy that angers the Apacheans enough to go on the Warpath.

The tribes have a deep spiritual connection with the land, passed down through stories of heroes and spirits. Spiritual dances are often practiced to bring improvement to the lives of the tribes, such as rain and good harvests. Altough the tribes fight amongs themselves, they band togheter to fight off foreign invaders, including the Chichimecs to the south, and other nearby enemies.

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