Aphrodite is one of the Olympian gods featured within the Divine Will system in a Total War Saga: Troy.

The goddess of beauty is said to have been from the seafoam caused by the castrated genitals of the titan Uranus falling into the ocean. Insatiable, she consorted with nearly all the gods of Olympus despite Zeus' attempt to rein her in by forcing her to marry unsightly Hephaestus. Her most famous and tumultuous affair was with the bloodthirsty god of war Ares, with whom she bore eight children. She also entertained a dalliance with a mortal prince of Troy, Anchises, from which mighty Aeneas was born.

According to legend, Aphrodite was directly responsible for the start of the Trojan War: it was she who made Helen, queen of Sparta, fall in love with Paris, a bribe she offered the prince of Troy for naming her fairest among the goddesses. The two lovers' subsequent flight from Achaea enraged king Menelaus and his brother king Agamemnon, triggering the decade-long conflict.₋₋₋[sic]

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