Apollo is one of the Olympian gods featured within the Divine Will system in a Total War Saga: Troy.

One of Achaea's most important deities, Apollo was associated with the sun, healing, beauty and music. He was credited with the invention of the lyre, as well as the creation of the bow with his sister Artemis. As the god of prophecy, he was the patron of the famous Oracle of Delphi, whose mystical omens foretold the future.

According to myth, the Olympian took the side of the Trojans in the war, favouring Hector and saving the life of Aeneas against Diomedes. Despite being a god of healing, Apollo was also the bringer of disease with his divine bow. In the Iliad, he was responsible for the plague that befell the Achaean army, which indirectly led to the rift between Agamemnon and Achilles. Legend also claims that he guided the arrow, fired by Paris that mortally wounded the great hero Achilles in the heel.₋₋₋[sic]

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