Ares is one of the Olympian gods featured within the Divine Will system in a Total War Saga: Troy.

Whereas Athena represented the valour and nobility of war, Ares embodied all that was base, gruesome, and untamed in armed conflicts. He was love by few, even among his fellow Olympians. In the Iliad, Zeus named him the most hateful of the gods, and soldiers on both sides trembled at his wrath. He rode a chariot pulled by four horses and was accompanied by an infernal retinue that included his sons, Deimos and Phobos, symbolising dread and fear, as well as Eris, goddess of strife and Keres, the spirit death.

According to Homer, despite being barred from direct intervention in the Trojan War by the king of Olympus, Ares joined the fray outside the walls of Troy. He laid waste to the Achaean host until Athena intervened, guiding Diomedes' spear to wound the spiteful deity, forcing him to retreat from the battlefield.₋₋₋[sic]

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