Armenian Legionaries
TotalWarArmenianRomans 02
A single Armenian Legionary.
Appears in Rome: Total War
Belongs to Armenia
Type Heavy Infantry
Weapon(s) Sword
Attack skill 7 (melee), 11 (ranged)
Charge bonus 2
Hitpoints 1
Armor 7
Defense skill 4
Shield bonus 5
Special abilities Throws pilae before charge, good endurance, can sap.

Armenian Legionaries are an attempt to copy the fighting style, armor, and skills of the Roman legions, and give Armenia the war-winning troops of Rome. Although armed and equipped in the manner of Roman legionaries, with iron-shafted throwing spears (pila), short swords, and large shields, these legionaries are not of quite the same quality as the Roman originals. Armenian Legionaries are hardy folk and do not tire easily. It is true, and they have accepted the iron discipline that legionary training requires, but the quality of that training is not quite up to Roman standards. They are good heavy infantry once seasoned, but poor training means they cannot use the famous tortoise (testudo) formation. That said, they can still give a nasty shock to any enemy - their fighting style of bombarding an enemy with pila and then closing for the kill is just as effective when performed by Armenians as it is when Romans do the job.
TotalWarArmenianRomans 01

Armenian Legionaries in Roman battle formation.