Assignments are deployment orders that appoint your standing-by court nobles to perform local tasks in Commandery.

Overview[edit | edit source]

  • Assignments will give one Commandery as you choose for buffs and bonus, and the type of buff/bonus depends on the hero class of the deployed chracter.
  • Assignments are Free, which makes them cubical for empire building and military support since character on assignment doesn't bear any additional cost other than court salary.
  • Higher faction rank unlocks more Assignment slots.
  • Assignment has the highest occupant priority, characters that deployed as administrator, field general cannot be deployed on assignments.

How does it work[edit | edit source]

General information[edit | edit source]

Assignments enable powerful short-term buff to your empire, and the character doing it will be fully occupied. This means that character on assignment cannot be deployed as field general, council member or court administrator.

When the player use Assignment, it essentially means that the player is sending out a character to perform a local task in the player's territory. It will decrease the character's lack of purpose. The settlement that character is positioned in will receive certain buffs like increased revenue from peasantry for set period of time like 15 turns.

Assignment bonus will stack on top of each other. For example, having two Supervise Construction (-10% construction cost, -1 construction time) can instantly lower 2 turns your construction time and minus 20% of your construction cost in Commandery.

How to give assignment[edit | edit source]

To issue an assignment, the player needs to click on one of your commandery's settlement panel. With the commandery selected, click the assignments button in the commandery panel. Available characters with no ongoing assignment, administrator, and deployment orders will be featured in a list, and scrutinize the benefits they will bring to the commandery if they are assigned to work there. Note: the assignment a character can perform is based on their hero class. For example, a vanguard class character can give the city a military-related buff while a commander class character will give the city more tax revenue. Also, a single Commandery can only hold set amount of assignments simultaneously. The capacity of assignments depends on the faction rank. A higher faction rank means more assignments for player to issue.

After issuing the assignment, your character needs one turn to get there. So, the buff won't become effective after at least one turn.

The following generals have been entrusted in act of your name and carry out assignments to extend your influence.
— In-game description

Unlock more assignment[edit | edit source]

Extra assignment slots can be unlocked through higher factions ranks and by researching certain reforms. These enable you to assign even more characters to the commandery, further enhancing or diversifying its productivity bonuses.

Guanxi[edit | edit source]

Main article: Guanxi

The office of the commandery's administrator and anyone deployed assignments represents a close-proximity working environment, so character relations are important to consider when choosing characters for these positions.

List of Assignments[edit | edit source]

Main Game[edit | edit source]

  • Supervise Construction : -10% construction cost, -1 construction time, and -25% building upkeep in local commandery for 5 turns.
  • Agricultural Exploitation : +50% food production in local commandery, +4 food production (faction-wide) for 15 turns.
  • Agricultural Development : -2 construction time for agriculture buildings and +100% food from farming in local commandery for 15 turns.
  • Stimulate Markets : +75% income from commerce, silk, and spices in local commandery for 15 turns.
  • Counter-Espionage : +10 cover cost for enemy spies faction-wide for 15 turns.
  • Organise Guerillas : +15% attrition to hostile forces in local commandery for 5 turns.
  • Business Ventures (Yuan Shu) : +75% income from commerce, +25% income from industry and peasantry in local commandery for 25 turns. -6 legitimacy per turn.
  • Education Program (Kong Rong) : +3K population growth and +75% income from commerce for 15 turns.
  • Bandit Patrols : -10 Military supplies for enemy armies in local commandery for 5 turns.
  • Oversee Mustering : -3 Mustering turns for own armies in local commandery for 5 turns.
  • Conscription : +15% replenishment for armies in local commandery for 5 turns.
  • Tax Collection : +50% income from peasantry in local commandery for 15 turns.
  • Counteract Corruption : -50% corruption in local commandery for 15 turns.
  • Exercise Government Authority : +15 public order in local commandery for 5 turns.
  • Black Market Investigation/Exploit Black Market : +50% trade influence faction-wide for 15 turns.
  • Increased Provisions : +20 Military supplies for armies in local commandery, -6 reserves in local commandery for 5 turns.
  • Surplus Distribution : +12K population growth and -6 reserves in local commandery for 5 turns.
  • Surplus Markets : +50% income from commerce, 15% income from industry, and -6 reserves in local commandery for 5 turns.
  • Military Requisition : -15% recruitment cost and -6 reserves in local commandery for 5 turns.
  • Public Appeasement : +8 public order and -6 reserves in local commandery for 5 turns.
  • Reward the Filial & Incorrupt : +10 Satisfaction (faction wide) and -50% corruption (local commandery) for 15 turns.
  • Industrial Exploitation : +30% income from industry in local commandery for 15 turns.
  • Replenish Supplies : +10 Reserves in local commandery for 5 turns.

Yellow Turbans Rebellion DLC Assignments[edit | edit source]

  • Healing Rituals: +15% replenishment (own armies in local commandery)
  • Employ Volunteers: +25% food from farming (local commandery) and +50% income from peasantry (local commandry)
  • Development Planning: -25% construction cost (local commandery) and -1 turn construction time (local commandry)
  • Encourage Compassion:
  • Promote Wisdom:
  • Encourage Humility:
  • Encourage Frugality:
  • Rally Sympathisers:

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