Athena is one of the Olympian gods featured within the Divine Will system in a Total War Saga: Troy.

Upon learning that his first Metis' next child would eventually overthrow him, Zeus swallowed her whole in the midst of pregnancy. When she was due, the king of Olympus began to suffer from headaches and asked Hephaestus to split his forehead open with an axe. Lo and behold, his newborn daughter, the mighty Athena, jumped out fully armed and yelling a formidable battle cry, to her father's great pride.

Athena gave her name to the city of Athens, whose patronage she won in a contest against Poseidon when she offered the Athenians the first domesticated olive tree. According to legend, she played a critical role in the Trojan War, doing all in her power to help the Achaeans defeat Troy, which she despised. In the Iliad, she used subterfuge to convince Hector to stop running and face Achilles in combat, leading to the Trojan hero's tragic demise.₋₋₋[sic]

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