Soldiers: 60

Attack: 1

TotalWarAncientBritishPeasants 02

Charge Bonus: 0

Weapon Type: Melee

Total Defense: 4

Armour: 3

Defense Skill: 1

Shield: 0

Hit Points: 1

Recruitment Cost: 150


Morale: 0

Abilities: Expert in hiding in woods, Combat bonus in snow, Warcry improves attack.

The last option of any desperate barbarian army (except perhaps slaves or convicts), Peasants are good for increasing the numbers of Britannia's forces...and not much else. Poorly armed and with little military experience, their morale and discipline are both understandably low. They are cheap to train, however, and their one advantage is an ability to hide well. Peasants should be used as an absolute last resort, or in cases where funds are extremely short.
TotalWarAncientBritishPeasants 01

Barbarian peasants readying themselves for battle.

Peasants are virtually useless warriors, used either to transfer populations, or act as garrisons. Perhaps, if a faction is in a really bad financial state, peasants may be expected to actually fight. Barbarian peasants are however more useful than most peasants, being hardier and more adept.