Attack: 14

TotalWarThraceBastarnae 01

Defense: 6

Hit Points: 2

Recruitment Cost: 790

Abilities: Expert at hiding in woods, combat bonus in woods or snow, may charge without orders, good morale, powerful charge, fast moving.

The Bastarnae are a particularly ferocious tribe from the northern Balkans who rejoice in man-to-man combat. Some scribes would have it that there are no fiercer men of Thrace in battle, and they are a formidable resource for any Thracian commander: they are highly unlikely to break and flee from any fight. Even their weapon of choice - the rhomphaia - is a cruel looking, curved blade sharpened on the inner edge, like a sickle. With one blow, this weapon is easily capable of brutally severing an arm or leg. Each Bastarnae warrior also carries a small shield, which other than his protective, face-concealing, helmet is his only protection, not that this lack of armour worries these fearless fighters for a moment; the only concern with such battle-hungry fighters is that they are liable to fling themselves into the fray at the earliest opportunity.
TotalWarThraceBastarnae 02

Thracian Bastarnae, eager and ready for the thrill of the battle that awaits them.