Bizen is a province in Total War: Shogun 2.


Bizen is a fertile province located in the west of Honshu. Its mild climate is well suited to agriculture, and the province produces sweet, white peaches. It is also famous for its simple, unglazed pottery, which is adorned with distinctive markings from the kilning process. Today it has a thriving textile industry, and the distinction of being the source of the first Japanese jeans!

General InformationEdit

  • Clan: Urakami Clan
  • Port: None
  • Fertility: Average
  • Specialty/Resource: Smithing

Bizen is one of the few provinces with the highly useful smithing specialty, allowing it to train units with superior melee attack and/or armor. It is the closest smithing province to the Mori Clan and the Chosokabe Clan, making it a very good target for invasion from these clans. It has average soil, which is better than that of most of its neighbors.

Bizen borders Bitchu to the west, Mimasaka to the north, and Harima to the east. A short span of water away to the south lies Sanuki.

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