Buildings in Total War: Three Kingdoms improves economy, unlocks units, produces ancillaries and provides different to player's faction.


Buildings are essential part of state building.

All buildings you construct will be represented on battle maps, and you can even aim to destroy individual buildings during a siege assault. Also, the main settlement level on the campaign map determines the size of the overall layout.

Building classEdit

Economic (Metal/Grey)Edit

These include buildings such as state-held or privately-owned workshops, and labour housing. These buildings increase your income from industry and commerce, boost population growth, and reduce corruption through the standardisation of coinage. As the output of the craftsmen flows into the marketplace, grey buildings reduce the construction costs of blue buildings.

Agricultural (Wood/Green)Edit

These include buildings such as livestock and grain farms, food storage, and land development centres. Development and storage buildings are generally constructed in the Commandery capital, while farms are situated in counties away from the commandery capital. Broadly speaking, green buildings enhance food, peasantry income and reserves. As the people support the military, green buildings reduce the construction costs of red buildings.

Education and Trade (Water/Blue)Edit

These buildings include schools, trade and mercantile offices, and hostelries. They improve income from a number of sources, improve your trade influence, and enhance character satisfaction. Certain high-tier market buildings can also increase the undercover network cost of enemy spy actions. As schools and markets bring education and profit to the people, blue buildings reduce the construction costs of green buildings.

Military (Fire/Red)Edit

These buildings, such as military forges, conscription centres and military infrastructure buildings, bring benefits to your armed forces through improved military supplies, reduced recruitment and upkeep costs, increased food reserves and more besides. It is important to note that higher-tier unit types are not unlocked by military buildings, but through reforms, character levels and becoming emperor. As the military supports the government, red buildings reduce the construction cost of yellow buildings.

Government (Earth/Yellow)Edit

Government buildings encompass tax collection, temples and administrative functions. They boost income, improve public order, combat corruption, and much more. They are also an important source of prestige. As the government encourages and stimulates industry, yellow buildings reduce the construction cost of grey buildings.

List of Building ChainsEdit

Commandery CapitalEdit

Majority of buildings is built with in the district of your Commandery Captial, and every capital settlement will offer one to six building slots according to settlement administration level (city upgrade) for capital's urban development. Within each building class, there will be three to four different building chains, and within each building chains, there're three to five levels of buildings for player to upgrade.

Total War THREE KINGDOMS Commandery Capital building chains
Commandery Captial Settlement Administration
Economic Buildings LabourPrivate WorkshopsState WorkshopsMercenary OutpostLabour Housing(YTR)Artisan(YTR)Manufacturing(YTR)
Agriculture Buildings Government SupportLand DevelopmentGrain StorageBanditsFarming(YTR)Farmer Housing(YTR)
Learning & Market Buildings HarbourInnSchoolsMarketplaceMarket WharfLodgingAcademies of CultureCommunal Inn(YTR)Communal Trade (Port)(YTR)Communal Trade(YTR)
Military Buildings Military ForgesMilitary InfrastructureConscriptionTuntian ConscriptionEnforced ConscriptionXiliang Supply LinesRecruitment(YTR)Forges(YTR)Garrison(YTR)Guerrilla War(YTR)
Government Buildings Administration OfficeConfucian TemplesTaoismTax CollectionZhong AdministrationYuan Administration OfficeBlack Mountain HideoutShu-Han Tax CollectionTribute HallHeadquarters(YTR)Healing(YTR)Esotericism(YTR)Gardens(YTR)

Resource SettlementEdit

In your commandery's counties, player can find resource settlements. Unlinke commandery capital, resources settlement only has one building slot with a predefined building chain.

Total War THREE KINGDOMS Resource Settlement building chains
Metal CopperAnimal TamerArmourersWeaponsmithsJadeTools
Wood Grain FarmsGrain Farming GarrisonsRice FarmsRice Farming GarrisonsFishingRice FarmsRice FarmsLivestockLocal BambooLocal PinesTea
Water SaltSilkSpicesTrade Port
Fire IronHorses
Earth Grand Temple City of ConfuciusGrand Taoist Temple of PengchengGrand Temple of the Way(YTR)



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