Call of the Wild
Etw wc call of the wild
Prerequisite The Warpath Campaign DLC
Research Points Needed
Building Needed Burial Ground
Leads To Spirit of the Forest
Stream Mystic, Native
Call of the Wild is a Technology in Empire: Total War. It is available only with The Warpath Campaign DLC.


Nations living in harmony with their lands are bettle able to exploit natural resources.

The earth is mother to all and no man can claim ownership. The tribes have lived by this rule for generations, and it serves them well. Although they control the land they occupy they do not own it. By respecting and living in harmony with the earth a tribe can obtain the maximum benefit, so improving the life of the people.

Forced migration out of traditional homelands claimed many lives: the Cherokee called this "the Trail of Tears" with good reason. Some 17,000 Cherokee were forcibly transported across the Mississippi by soldiers under the command of General Winfield Scott in 1838. It is estimated that around 4000 of them died in the process, mostly from disease and starvation in the transit camps.