Attack: 7

TotalWarParthianCataphractCamels 01

Defense: 23

Recruitment Cost: 940

Abilities: Combat bonus in deserts, can scare horses, can form wedge, good morale, powerful charge. A curious creature in appearance, the Cataphract Camel is nevertheless an extremely formidable opponent. They are extremely heavily armoured, and well-armed; in addition, the smell of camel tends to frighten horses. They are armed and armoured identically to ordinary horse cataphracts, and their primary purpose is to charge into the enemy, using weight and speed to cause additional disruption.

The riders carry lances for the initial charge and carry armour-piercing maces to continue fighting in hand-to-hand combat. Recruited from among desert dwelling peoples of Parthia, Cataphract Camels heavy armour as protection for both rider and mount. They have a good charge, more or less equivilant to Light Lancers (Macedon) and Sarmatian Nobles. Their armour means they can be used against infantry like any other cataphracts, but their chief virtue is that their camels upset horses, and are best used fighting cavalry. However, camels move slower than horses, and are less effective at chasing down routing enemies
TotalWarParthianCataphractCamels 02

Heavily armed and armored Parthian Camel Cataphracts assembled for battle.

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