Soldiers: 24

TotalWarParthianCataphracts 01

Attack: 7 (Spear) 9 (Mace)

Charge Bonus: 15

Weapon Type: Melee

Total Defense: 23

Armor: 18

Defense Skill:5

Shield: 0

Hit Points: 1

Recruitment Cost: 890

Upkeep: 140

Morale: 8

Abilities: Can form a Wedge, Good Morale, Powerful Charge

Perhaps the most powerful cavalry unit in Rome: Total War, the Cataphracts of Parthia are very heavy horsemen, who carry not only spears but also maces - they are the only troops in the game to do so. Cataphracts are capable of breaking through almost anything, even the spear-wielding infantry that can deter most other cavalry. Their only shortcoming is the fact that their excellent but heavy plate armour slows them down and makes them tire faster than others.

Armoured Eastern General

TotalWarParthianCataphracts 02

Parthian Cataphracts in battle formation.