China is officially known as the People's Republic of China (PRC) in modern times. Historically, China was and still is a large country occupying most of East Asia and its coast, being a long-lasting cultural and political center in East Asia throughout two millennia.

Majority of native Chinese population identify themselves as Han people, referencing the historical Han Empire, which is considered as a golden age in the history of China and its people. While the country has mostly been ruled by native Chinese throughout its history, China has also been conquered and administrated by several non-Han Chinese ethnicities such as the Mongols.

Shogun: Total War[edit | edit source]

While the faction is unplayable, China is mentioned in the Mongol Invasions, the expansion for Shogun: Total War. Historically, China was conquered by the Mongol Horde, as stated Kublai Khan in the opening of Mongol Invasion. The Mongol force which invaded Japan was composed of Chinese as well as Koreans. Following the Hojo Clan victory, the Mongols were driven back to China.

Total War: Three Kingdoms[edit | edit source]

In Total War: Three Kingdoms, the grand campaign takes place on the Chinese mainland.

During the Han dynasty, the administrative divisions of China is divided into three levels. For example. Cao Cao is born in Qiao County, Pei Commandery of Yu Province.

  1. Province
  2. Commandery
  3. County
vde Total War THREE KINGDOMS locations
Northern China WuweiJinchengWuduHanzhongShuofangAndingChang'an
Central China BaxiChengduJiangyangShangyongBaBadongLuoyang
Southern China YunnanYizhouZangkeJiaozhiFulingWulingCangwuYulin
XinduJian'anTong'anYeDongouJianyeKuaijiYizhou island
Areas of Interest China (Han Empire)・The Great WallYellow RiverYangtze River
Pearl RiverDujiangyan CanalLingqu CanalMount EmeiNorthern Mount HengSouth Great MountainMount HuaMount JiuhuaMount LonghuMount QingchengMount QiyunMount SongMount TaiMount WudangMount WutaiStone ForestWulingyuanZhengguo Canal

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