Commandery is the second-level administrative divisions of China during Han dynasty. In Total War: Three Kingdoms, commandery is one of the most important governmental division for player to conquer.

For the list of Commanderies in Three Kingdoms, see Locations (Total War: Three Kingdoms).

Overview[edit | edit source]

Commanderies are the many territories of ancient China, connected in a vast patchwork that make up the THREE KINGDOMS campaign map. They are delineated by boundary lines which are colour coded according to your diplomatic relationship with the owning faction. White lines indicate the boundaries of neutral territory; blue lines indicate the boundaries of friendly or allied territory; red lines indicate the boundaries of a faction you are at war with.

Commanderies contain settlements which generate tax income, resources, and many other benefits for the owner, based on which buildings have been constructed there. Each commandery consists of a commandery capital and one or more attached counties. Ownership of the capital defines ownership of the commandery, though attached counties may be captured and occupied by other factions.

At higher faction ranks, you can raise or lower your faction's tax level using the tax slider in the treasury panel.

Counties[edit | edit source]

Main article: County

A commandery is divided into multiple counties. The commandery capital constitutes a county in its own right, alongside any other counties within the commandery. Such counties house smaller resource-generating settlements, such as a farms, mines and temples. Selecting any settlement opens the commandery panel, which displays all the commandery's various counties, and who owns them.

Settlements[edit | edit source]

Commandery capital[edit | edit source]

Capital, also called District on the battle map, is the heart of your faction's infrastructure, the place where you’ll construct the many buildings that improve your economy, generate income, and bring benefits to your populace and armed forces.

Resource Settlement[edit | edit source]

Commanderies can have a number of resource settlements that provide valuable bonus to your commandery and your faction. When building the capital of your commanderies, it's best to look at the resource available inside the commandery. Player should decide how to specialize commandery based on the resource. A framland resource commandary should be complemented with agriculture buildings, and commandaries with trade port resource is ideal to be your commerce hub.

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