Settlement or county is the third-level administrative divisions of China in Total War: Three Kingdoms. They're basic management unit on the campaign map.

County[edit | edit source]

County is the smallest geographic region in Total War: Three Kingdoms, which includes a settlement and land surrounding it. The commandery capital constitutes a county in its own right, other counties will constitute resource settlements.

Settlements[edit | edit source]

Commandery capital[edit | edit source]

Capital, also called District on the battle map, is the heart of your faction's infrastructure, the place where you’ll construct the many buildings that improve your economy, generate income, and bring benefits to your populace and armed forces.

Resource Settlement[edit | edit source]

Commanderies can have a number of resource settlements that provide valuable bonus to your commandery and your faction. When building the capital of your commanderies, it's best to look at the resource available inside the commandery. Player should decide how to specialize commandery based on the resource. A framland resource commandary should be complemented with agriculture buildings, and commandaries with trade port resource is ideal to be your commerce hub.

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