For the faction from Napoleon: Total War, see Courland (Napoleon: Total War).

is a minor faction in Empire: Total War.

In the Empire: Total War, Courland starts the Grand Campaign sandwiched between its protector, Poland-Lithuania, to the south and Sweden to the north. Courland has a reputation of being abnormally aggressive for its size, and will often cause headaches for Sweden and Prussia by declaring war on them. It fields a very large army for a minor nation, and will retrain very quickly if its units are killed.

Starting PositionEdit

Basics at StartEdit

  • GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
  • Culture – European
  • Capitol – Courland, Jelgava
  • Starting Treasury – 7500
  • Victory Conditions
  • Diplomacy Relationships – Protectorate of Poland-Lithuania
  • Starting Armies/Fleets – 1/0


Courland, Jelgava

  • Type – Minor
  • Starting Buildings – Minor Governor's Encampment
  • Infrastructure – Basic Roads
  • Population – 849273/875000
  • Religion – Protestant 85%, Catholic 15%
  • Wealth – 100
  • Garrison – General, Demi Cannon (24 lbr), Provincial Cavalry, Pikemen, 2 Militia
  • Starting Towns/Villages/Ports – kuldiga (Craft, Metal Workshop) Ogre (undeveloped), Tukums Forests (Timber, Logging Camp), Preili Farmland (Wheat, Peasnt Farms), Liepaja (Poert, undeveloped)

Unit RosterEdit

Since it holds a minor territory, Courland will often mass line infantry, provincial cavalry, and lighter caliber artillery. If it captures a major region, Courland can train the entirety of the generic European unit roster. In addition, Courland's roster is similar to that of Poland-Lithuania: should it take Poland, it can recruit Winged Hussars, Kalmuks, and Tatars. Finally Courland also has access to various Cossack units such as the Cossack Ataman Cavalry.

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