For Court mechanics in general, see Court.

Court is where the player can assign character to be Prime Minister, heir or council members, and managing dynastic affairs.

Overview[edit | edit source]

People in Power[edit | edit source]

Faction Leader[edit | edit source]

Faction Leader is the highest administrative position in factions. The character that holds such position will lead the whole factionFaction leader often come with his/her specific faction-wide bonus and specializations.

Faction Heir[edit | edit source]

Prime Minister[edit | edit source]

Faction Council[edit | edit source]

Mission[edit | edit source]

Administrator[edit | edit source]

Assignment[edit | edit source]

Family Tree[edit | edit source]

Faily tree is part of court screen, and it shows the family relationship of your faction.

Other position[edit | edit source]

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