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For Court mechanics in general, see Court.

Court is where the player can assign character to be Prime Minister, heir or council members, and managing dynastic affairs.


People in Power[]

Faction Leader[]

Faction Leader is the highest administrative position in factions. The character that holds such position will lead the whole factionFaction leader often come with his/her specific faction-wide bonus and specializations.

Faction Heir[]

A Faction Heir is the character to replace the faction leader. Only family members of the faction leader can be the heir. To make a non-family member the heir, the player must adopt the character before making it heir. Spies that became the heir to another faction can assassinate the faction leader if it has enough points. Faction Heir often come with his/her specific faction-wide bonus and specializations.

Prime Minister[]

Faction Council[]




Family Tree[]

Faily tree is part of court screen, and it shows the family relationship of your faction.

Other position[]

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