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Regions Edit

  • Roskilde - Minor city (Capital)
  • Aarhus - Minor city
  • Halmstad - Village
  • Hamburg - Castle
  • Hassleholm - Motte & bailey
  • Narva - Castle
  • Reval - Minor city

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Introduction Edit

Valdemar the Conqueror was considered the last great king of Denmark’s golden age. He led the crusade against the last pagan tribes on the shores of the Baltic Sea. Legend has it that during this battle a red cloth with a white cross fell from the sky. This symbol was to always be associated with Denmark. With his death in 1241, Valdemar was succeeded by his eldest son, Eric IV. However, Eric’s brothers Abel and Christopher wished the throne for themselves. With recent losses to the Holy Roman Empire and sibling rivalries tearing at the throne, difficult times lie ahead for Denmark.

Denmark stands neutral to all nations at this time, as they focus on unifying Scandinavia under one flag. However, the Teutonic Order now threatens the balance of power in the Baltic Sea. Denmark’s success lies in the conquest and unification of the northern regions of Scandinavia. These hostile lands will make for a strong northern front. Denmark’s enemies may try and attack by sea but the Baltic has been home to Denmark’s Viking ancestors for centuries. Dominance of the Baltic Sea is at the heart of any future success for Denmark, both militarily and economically.

Having just emerged from centuries of paganism, Denmark still holds to Viking military traditions. They strive for death in battle and love the smell of salt in the air and the feeling of sea spray on their skin. The Danes brandish the two-handed axe like no other and take pride in the knowledge that no defence can withstand their attack. Fast ships carrying ferocious warriors will ensure that any nation residing on Baltic shores must always watch their back, for the Danes still carry the bloodlust of sea-raiding and village-sacking that filled their boyhood dreams.

Strengths Edit

Norse Axemen

Has a good all-round mix of units, with the infantry preferring to wield swords or axes instead of spears.

Weaknesses Edit

Lacks good heavy cavalry.

Campaign rules Edit

Long Edit

Hold 45 regions, including: Akershus, Uppsala, Goteborg, Kalmar, Roskilde, Visby, Narva

Short Edit

Hold 35 regions, including: Akershus, Uppsala, Goteborg, Kalmar, Roskilde, Visby, Narva

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