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Diomedes, son of Tydeus, prays to Athena to guide his Argive men to glory
— campaign loading screen

Diomedes is a Homeric and playable character featured in Total War Saga: Troy. He is an Epic Fighter Hero, part of the Achaean culture group. His campaign is only playable after obtaining the Ajax & Diomedes DLC.


Diomedes is the young king of Argos, who rose to the throne after his father died trying to seize the city of Thebes. Despite only being in his twenties, the legendary hero Diomedes was renowned as one of the deadliest and most cunning military commanders to enter the fray against Troy.

A seasoned veteran despite his young age, he had already participated in more battles than his peers at the onset of the Trojan War. A paragon of heroic virtues, he was the goddess Athena's favourite and possessed such skill in battle that he was said to have wounded Ares himself.

Diomedes slipped inside the walls of Troy with Odysseus to steal the Palladium, and was one of a handful of warriors who hid inside the Trojan Horse to bring about the impregnable city's downfall. Athena granted him immortality after his death.


Diomedes is a veteran in the ways of war and has used his martial might to establish Argos as an exceedingly powerful city, second only to great Mycenae. His unit roster specializes in crushing attacks with well-rounded axe and sword infantry combined with quick flanking units able to ambush their foes from surprising locations.


As one of the Epigoni, Diomedes can call upon the veteran strategos aligned with Argos to train troops for him. These paragon units grants Diomedes an additional edge in battle.

Diomedes' strategic mind and might allows him to dominate his foes on the battlefield and forces them to do his bidding. Pursuing these strategic objectives grants Argos an unique resource: Dominance. Diomedes can then spend these to intimidate weaker rulers to enter unfavourable diplomatic agreements with Argos.