Divine Will is a gameplay mechanic in Total War Saga: Troy. The Divine Will system lets the player interact with the gods to attain their favour. The gods can affect the game in similar ways to their Homeric counterparts through their influence over factions, rather than direct intervention on the campaign and battlefield. Gaining their favour requires investment of time and resources, which provides various benefits as the game progresses and keeps their wrath at bay.

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Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Players start the campaign with no favour, which puts all the cults at the neglected level. Developing the cults requires building temples, holding grand rituals and offering great sacrifices. The greater the influence of the cult, the higher the amount of benefits one receives.

Players have the ability to worship several gods at once, but maintaining their favour will be costly. At the highest level, each cult unlocks a unique mythical unit or epic agent to recruit in the campaign.

Having gods in the neglected state might incur their wrath, or that of their priesthood, in the form of incidents and demoralising ill omens. Temples can be rededicated to a different god without losing it's level provided they have the gold.

Favour[edit | edit source]

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Favour may be gained a number of ways, all of them costly. It also decays by 10 per turn for each god.

The most significant options to gain favour include:

  • Maintaining a Priestess agent increases favour with the god or goddess she follows by 1 per turn per agent.
  • Hecatomb Rituals increase favour of one god by 70 (+10 per temple build) and cost 500 (+25% per temple build, additive). They can only be performed every 5 turns.
  • Any Priestess can perform a Ritual of Exultation every 3 turns for several hundred Food to slightly increase favour with the god of the local temple. Base favour given is 20, however that amount can be increased by the priestess's skills. Each 5% increases the favour granted by the ritual by 1. Priestesses are a great way to maintain a cult at a certain level, but are not as efficient or as fast as hecatombs or building temples to increase cult levels.
  • A Seer epic agent may be used to perform a Ritual of the True Sight to increase favour with the god of the local temple to the maximum. Just as other actions of epic agents, this removes the agent.
  • Building, upgrading or rededicating a temple increases favour of the respective god or goddess by 100, 150 or 220.
  • Entreating The Infinite Royal Decree in the stone tree, increases favour with all gods by 3 per turn, which effectively decreases the favour decay of all gods from -10 to -7. It pays off especially if you choose to maintain many gods at certain cult levels at a time.

Tip: Three priestesses following the same god and Entreating The Infinite will reduce the decay of said god to -4.

Cults[edit | edit source]

  • Neglected (under 50)
  • Respected (above 50)
  • Celebrated (above 300)
  • Worshipped (above 600)

Hera[edit | edit source]

Military Service
Flourishing Homeland
Divine Protection

Zeus[edit | edit source]

Might of the Thunderbolt
  • +20% to melee attack of club units (own armies factionwide)
  • +15% to missile damage of javelin units (own armies factionwide)
Father of Heroes
  • -50% to recruitment cost of Heroes and agents (factionwide)
  • Grants Messenger of Thunder trait to all newly-recruited agents (factionwide)
  • Grants "Descendant of Zeus" trait to all newly-recruited Heroes (factionwide)
Regal Presence
  • Unlocks recruitment cost of Heroes and agents (factionwide)
  • Grants Messenger of Thunder trait to all newly-recruited agents (factionwide)
  • Grants "Descendant of Zeus" trait to all newly-recruited Heroes (factionwide)

Ares[edit | edit source]

Eager to Fight
Delight for Violence
Panic and Terror

Apollo[edit | edit source]

Lord of the Silver Bow
The Light of Phoebus

Athena[edit | edit source]

Protector of Cities
Mentor of Heroes

Poseidon[edit | edit source]

Call of the Sea
The Riches of the Sea
Blood of Poseidon

Aphrodite[edit | edit source]

Love of All People
  • +10 to diplomatic relations with all factions
  • +200% to all effects of Organise Games commandment (factionwide)
Golden Apple
  • +30 to growth (factionwide)
  • +1 to happines per non-aggression pact, up to 5 (factionwide)
  • +10% to battle captives taken (own armies factionwide)
Invisible Guardian
  • Enables recruitment of a Satyr
  • +25% to damage resistance for Heroes (own armies factionwide)
  • -30% to success chance of enemy agent actions (own characters factionwide)

Prayers[edit | edit source]

TROY divine prayer.png

The effects of a prayer to a god, as well as the cost of the prayer, both increase the higher the cult level you have with that god.

Prayers cost:

  1. 400 food and 20 gold at the Neglected cult level.
  2. 600 food and 30 gold at the Respected cult level.
  3. 800 food and 40 gold at the Celebrated cult level.
  4. 1000 food and 50 gold at the Worshipped cult level.

Only one prayer can be activated per turn, and all prayers effects last 4 turns, starting one turn after the prayer was activated. That means you may only have up to 4 prayers effects active at a turn. You may not pray to a god or goddess while you already have an active prayer for him or her, so you can only pray for a god every five turns, which means only the latter four turns will have the actual prayer effect.

The level of the prayer is determined by the cult level you were at the time you activated the prayer, which means you must always increase favour, given it will increase your cult level, before you activate the prayer, only, of course, if you want to get the stronger yet more expensive prayer. Losing a cult level, or gaining one after a prayer is activated, will not change the prayer's effect.

The tooltip on the Divine Will board, while hovering over a god or a goddess with your pointer, might show the effect according to the current cult level, not according to the actual level of the prayer in effect. To know what level your current prayer is, check the small icons in the faction effects at the top left.

Increased attrition suffered by invading armies.
Prayer to Zeus
+5/10/15/20 to deal evaluation for all diplomatic agreements except barters
Prayer to Ares
Decreased morale of all enemy units.
Prayer to Apollo
Greater success chance of all agent actions
Increased campaign line of sight around temples of Apollo
Prayer to Athena
Additional recruit rank of all units.
Prayer to Poseidon
Increased battle speed of all units except ranged infantry.
Immunity to deep-sea attrition
Prayer to Aphrodite
Additional growth and happiness factionwide
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