Etw wc dreamwalking
Prerequisite The Warpath DLC

Spirit Medicine

Research Points Needed
Building Needed Shamanic Gateway
Leads To None
Stream Mystic, Native
  • Increases the line of sight of all generals
Dreamwalking is a Technology in Empire: Total War. It is available only with The Warpath Campaign DLC.


The dream world not only reveals a man's destiny, but also the location of hidden enemies.

Properly harnessed the power of dreams enables warriors to see through an enemy's deceptions: hidden units can be hunted down before they can spring an ambush!

Native Americans believed strongly in prediction through dreams, and would make decisions guided by them, even abdicating leadership or turning back from a battle if a dream told them it was the right thing to do. Direction and purpose could be acquired by embarking on a vision quest. The vision seeker isolated himself, achieving a heightened condition through fasting,hallucinogens, or even self-mutilation, then waiting for the vision to appear. This often came in the form of a bird or animal, and once recieved would be followed without question; the seeker had to remain in harmony with the wishes of the Spirits.