The Dutch Traders are the second fleet of Christian (Protestant) traders from Europe who sail to Japan in Shogun: Total War. Upon accepting the proposal to trade from the Dutch when their ship reaches a province with a port, a clan can construct a Dutch Trading Post in any province which has a port. They come after the Catholic Portuguese Traders. Unlike the Portuguese, the Dutch do not require the clan to convert to christianity to trade with them.


"Greetings, noble lord. In the name of Prince William of Orange and Queen Elizabeth of England, we offer you the chance to trade while remaining free of the Papist yolk. Allow us to establish a trading post and we will trade you guns in return for the fine workmanship of your lordship's artisans."
―The Dutch Trader's offer.[src]
"We will await the completion of our trading post, noble lord. Until then, we remain your most obedient servant."
―The Dutch Trader having been accepted.[src]
"Perhaps you will soon see the wisdom of trading with us rather than the cheats and liars who serve the Bishop of Rome."
―The Dutch Trader having been rejected.[src]
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