East Engle
TOB East Engle
Leader Guthrum
Culture The Great Viking Army
Game Thrones of Britannia


Forming the bulk of Britannia’s south-easterly coast, East Engle was the staging-point of the Great Viking Army’s invasion, and the region where many of its warriors settled after the Battle of Edington. Under the rule of the Danish leader Guthrum (or Æthelstan, to use his adoptive name by Alfred) it would ultimately come to be known as the Danelaw.

Yet still, some fight remains in the Danes of East Engle. One does not shed the mantle of glory and become a landsman overnight.

Faction TraitsEdit

The king of the Danelaw rewards those who raid and conquer in his name! Playing as East Engle grants unique combat missions with unique rewards.

East Engle warriors are happiest when conquering, and therefore gain a bonus to their melee skill when fighting in enemy territory.

East Engle’s forces feature very strong axe infantry, and a good balance of other infantry units. They also have access to Berserkers, and powerful Anglian Champions.

Unit RosterEdit

Melee Infantry Danelaw AxemenBerserkersCeorl AxemenDanelaw HuscarlsGreat AxemenHuscarlsJarl's HuscarlsLong AxemenDanelaw Mailed SwordsmenRoyal HuscarlsShield BitersSword HersirSword HirdmenWarlord's CompanionsAnglian ChampionsAnglian MaraudersAnglian Raiders
Spear Infantry Ceorl SpearmenFyrd SpearmenDanelaw Spearmen
Missile Infantry Danelaw ArchersArmoured ArchersCeorl ArchersCeorl JavelinmenFyrd ArchersDanelaw JavelinmenDanelaw Mailed Archers
Melee Cavalry Jarl's HorsemenDanelaw Mailed HorsemenScout HorsemenThegn Horsemen
Artillery Catapult

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