Soldiers: 60

TotalWarParthianEasternInfantry 01

Attack: 3

Charge Bonus: 4

Weapon Type: Melee

Total Defense: 10

Armor: 3

Defense Skill: 2

Shield: 5

Hit Points: 1

Abilities: Bonus fighting cavalry, poor morale, can sap.

Recruitment: 330


Morale: 2

Another generically-named unit type, the Eastern Infantry, Persian Sparabara of Parthia, Persia also carry spears, as well as large shields. This allows them to execute quite efficiently a defensive function, although attempting to use them for anything more than this may have unpleasant consequences for a Parthian player. They are also militia troops, and have the poor morale and discipline common to this kind of part-time soldier.

Eastern Infantry are a common seen militia unit in various eastern armies. They have poor morale common among militias they are little removed from the mass conscripted infantry of the Persian Empire. They can perform quite well in a defensive formation but are very likley to either break or be massacred by heavy units. They are important to Parthia mainly in sieges due to lack of infantry choices and will give a more reasonable performance against cavalry than their Hillmen counterparts. Offensive functions are virtually suicidal for this unit and should be used to hold an enemy up or as a defense against light and medium cavalry or even to more heartless generals, arrow fodder.
TotalWarParthianEasternInfantry 02

Eastern Infantrymen in battle formation.

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