For the faction in Barbarian Invasion, see Eastern Roman Empire.

The Eastern Roman Empire is a playable faction in Total War: Attila.


“The division of the Roman Empire has unshackled the East, allowing it to take control of the Roman world.”

The new administrative centre at Constantinople has allowed the Eastern Romans to replace the antiquated systems throttling the economy and enfeebling Rome’s Emperors. As a result, new trade networks and fiscal reforms fill its coffers, all run by a centralised bureaucracy and a powerful state church. The East has safely weathered the storm of barbarian migration, often by diverting them into the West. However, the young Emperor Arcadius will have to negotiate barbarian threats, court intrigues, and the ever-present Sassanid menace to ensure that the last light of the Roman Empire continues to burn.

While the Western Roman Empire ails and withers, the Eastern Roman Empire is an economic powerhouse, and reaps the benefits of this through treasury interest and trade tariffs. Militarily, she begins the campaign in a reasonably capable position, but with a clear and immediate threat as Alaric leads his Visigoth armies into Roman-held Thracia and Macedonia… mere regions away from Constantinople itself.

Faction TraitsEdit

Cultural TraitsEdit

Imperial AllegianceEdit

"The benefits of Empire hold a certain appeal, especially to the outside observer."

  • Can levy units from friendly hordes passing through Roman territory

Faction TraitsEdit

Economic PowerhouseEdit

"Straddle the crossroads of the world and take pick of everything that passes by."

  • Income: +5% interest on treasury at end of turn
  • Trade tariffs: +50%

Unit RosterEdit

Melee Infantry CohorsEastern Armoured LegioExploratoresHetaireia GuardsLegioLegio ComitatensesNumeroiPalatinaPalatina GuardsPraeventoresProtectores Domestici
Spear Infantry Comitatensis SpearsEastern Auxilia PalatinaLanciarii SenioresLimitanei Borderguards
Pike Infantry Menaulatoi
Missile Infantry Armoured SagittariiBallistariiElite BallistariiFunditoresLevis ArmaturaeSagittarii
Melee Cavalry ComesEquites DalmataeEquites PromotiExcubitores Cavalry GuardMagister MilitumScholae PalatinaeScout EquitesTagmata Cavalry
Shock Cavalry CatafractariiClibanariiContarii
Missile Cavalry Equites SagittariiImperial Dromedarii
Siege Artillery OnagerBastion OnagerLarge Onager
Field Artillery Cheiroballistra

Starting ConditionsEdit



  • Serdica
  • Scupi
  • Viminacium


  • Thessalonica
  • Corinthus
  • Dyrrhachium


  • Constantinople
  • Trimontium
  • Marcianopolis


  • Ephesus
  • Cyzicus
  • Synnada


  • Ancyra
  • Nicomedia
  • Amasea

Insulae Orientalis

  • Gortyna
  • Rhodos
  • Constantia


  • Tarsus
  • Iconium
  • Myra


  • Caesaria Eusebia
  • Trapezus
  • Melitene


  • Edessa
  • Amida


  • Antiochia
  • Tyrus
  • Emesa


  • Nova Trajana Bostra
  • Aila
  • Aeila Capitolina


  • Alexandria
  • Berenice
  • Oxyrhynchus


  • Ptolemais
  • Paraetonium
  • Augila


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