For the faction in Total War: Attila, see Eastern Roman Empire.


The Eastern Roman Empire is a faction in Rome: Total War: Barbarian Invasion.

General InformationEdit

The Eastern Roman Empire starts off with a large number of provinces, but is on the verge of collapse. Heavy cavalry is its greatest asset, and is vital to its success.

The Eastern Roman Empire lies between Europe and Asia and connects Orient and Occident. Due to its location, it has developed a unique culture and military. While the Empire's primary enemy is Sassanid Persia to the east, the approaching barbarian hordes from the west may become a considerable problem as well. Furthermore, if the people are unhappy and revolt a Roman shadow faction - namely the Eastern Roman Rebels - can emerge; they are a dangerous enemy, as they have powerful Roman troops as well.

One of the richest factions, the Eastern Roman Empire's army is a mixture of Eastern-style cavalry and late Roman infantry (which, like the Western counterpart, is inferior to that of the earlier period). The Eastern Roman Empire has very good cavalry including Cataphracts, Clibinarii (which are very heavily armored cavalry, somewhat similar to Cataphracts), and Dromedarii, as well as excellent archer units. It is also more stable and prosperous than its Western counterpart.


The territory of the Eastern Roman Empire (in blue)

The Eastern Roman Empire is at war with its neighbors east and north. Different cities have different religious building trees but most regions have a large Christian population. The regions where the starting population is heavily Christian, but the religious buildings are Pagan, will be susceptible to riots.

As a result the Eastern Roman Empire could afford large numbers of professional soldiers and augment them with mercenaries, while the Western Roman Empire couldn't afford this to the same extent. Even in the case of a major defeat, the Eastern Roman Emperors could easily buy its enemies off with a ransom.

The Eastern Roman Empire start the game as occupies much of Southeastern Europe, also holding land in Asia Minor, the Levant, and North Africa.

The Eastern Roman Empire's Initial Campaign CitiesEdit

  • Constantinople (Capital)
  • Ancrya
  • Ephesus
  • Sinope
  • Caesarea
  • Tarsus
  • Antioch
  • Salamis
  • Sidon
  • Philadelphaea
  • Jerusalem
  • Alexandria
  • Kydonia
  • Athens
  • Sirmium
  • Thessalonica
  • Cyrene


The Eastern Roman Empire was the eastern part of the Roman Empire after the one united Roman Empire became too bloated to be ruled by one Emperor, and was divided into an Eastern and Western half. The East based its capital in the city of Constantinople, not Rome. Unlike the Western Roman Empire, its people spoke Greek, not Latin and had a largely Greek culture and identity. The Eastern Roman Empire also encompassed the extremely wealthy provinces, including most of the Aegean sea, Anatolia, Egypt, and part of North Africa. Though extremely rich, the Eastern Empire was plagued by internal instability and foreign invasions.

The Western Roman Empire, less urbanized and less densely populated, experienced an economic decline throughout the late empire. The East was not so destitute, as Emperors like Constantine the Great and Constantius II had invested heavily in the eastern economy.

The Byzantine Empire was the continuation of the Eastern Roman Empire during the Middle Ages.


  • The Eastern Roman Empire faction color is inspired by the Tyrian purple dye which was a symbol of imperial status in Rome. However, its widespread use as depicted in game is highly unlikely as it was extremely expensive.