Etchu is a province in Total War: Shogun 2.


Etchu, located in the west of Honshu, is a coastal province plagued by frequent flooding. This proved detrimental to rice cultivation and agriculture until irrigation networks were established during the Edo period. Because of its strategic position, Etchu was the site of many battles throughout history, including the Battle of Kurikara. This marked the turning point in the Genpei War, when the Minamoto victory cleared the way for their undisputed rise to power and the establishment of the first shogunate.

General InformationEdit

Etchu is a poor province, with no specialty/resource and poor soil.

Etchu borders Noto to the north, Echigo to the east, North Shinano to the south-east, Hida to the south, and Kaga to the west. It only has direct access to Echigo, Noto, Kaga and Hida however, and is separated from North Shinano by a mountain range.

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