A random story event that has four options with respective bonus

Events are game progression mechanics in Total War: Three Kingdoms. They are in a way similar to to missions, however they does not requires player to finish task. Instead, they illustrate a story with attached bonus, and sometimes requires player to choose between different dilemmas.

Character events[edit | edit source]

A character event that improves your relation with the character

Character events are one of the most common events in the game. Generally speaking, the event will cause a directly satisfaction bonus/debuff for a certain characters in set amount of turns. Character events can offer choice as well in the form of arguments between two characters, in which player as faction leader can choose to agree and improve relation with the one of the two characters or doing nothing.

Faction events[edit | edit source]

A faction even that add short-term faction wide bonus

Faction events work similar to character events. These events can offer short-term bonus/debuff for your whole faction.

Story events[edit | edit source]

TW3K event story.png

Story events are often come with multiple choices for advancing the story. The the option that follows the historical records/story of novel will be marked as As It Was Told. Historical story events often let player choose to support one of two factions, the relationship with chosen one will be beneficiary while relationship with other faction often come with detrimental result. These type of events is called Initial Dilemma.

Notifications[edit | edit source]

A story progression notification is marked with 三國 (Theee Kingdoms) implying the event is inspired by the novel/historical record

Sometimes, the game will present story-related notification to alert play about important world affair. Others are game information for campaign situation such as the destruction of a faction or the war between two factions is declared.

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