Faction resources, also known as faction currency or unique currency, is a gameplay mechanics in Total War: Three Kingdoms.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Certain playable warlords have a certain special resource that they use to further their goals or better their chances of success.

List of Specializations[edit | edit source]

The different faction resources for certain playable faction leaders are as follows
Warlord Resource Effects
Base Game
Cao Cao Credibility The Credibility ressource can be used to:
  • Incites proxy wars
  • Influences diplomatic relations
  • Credibility recovers over time
Dong Zhuo Initimidation
Kong Rong Trade Monopoly Increases Trade Influene
Liu Bei Unity
Sun Jian Heroism
Yuan Shao Lineage
Yuan Shu Legitimacy
Zheng Jiang Infamy
Eight Princes
Sima Liang Jurisdiction
Sima Lun Subterfuge
Sima Jiong Control
Sima Wei Fury
Sima Yue Influence
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