Fortification are defensive assets that defender has during settlement and encampment battle. Cities and resource towns may offer fortifications for the defender to place during the deployment phase.

Overview[edit | edit source]

List of Fortifications[edit | edit source]

Arrow Towers[edit | edit source]

Arrow Towers occupy key defensive points such as crossroads, gateways and walls. They will begin the battle under the control of the defender, but may be captured by the attacker if he orders his units onto their adjacent capture points. This will cause them to cease firing until they are recaptured by the defender. Arrow towers on the walls or perimeter of a settlement always fire outwards. Ground-based arrow towers within the settlement have a 360-degree field of fire.

Barricades[edit | edit source]

Barricades are placed at key junction-points on a settlement's roads, and are used to funnel attackers into archery kill-zones, or frustrate their traversal by increasing the distance they must travel to reach the settlement’s main capture point. Barricades are destructible, and may be cleared using artillery fire, melee attacks (axes are the most efficient melee weapon for this) or flame projectiles. To place barricades during the deployment phase, look for the pre-placed barricades blocking certain roads and click the deploy icon just above them.

Bastion artillery[edit | edit source]

Bastion artillery pieces may be placed on certain wall section in large siege battles. They will begin deployed on the walls, but may be redeployed to unoccupied bastion artillery slots marked by the white artillery symbol during the deployment phase. Bastion artillery will only fire outwards from the city walls and may not be redeployed once the battle has started.

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