Total list of games released and Future Releases in the Total War franchise.

Released GamesEdit

Shogun Total War Medieval1 01 RTWCover
June 13th, 2000 August 20th, 2002 September 22th, 2004
Shogun: Total War (STW) is the first of Creative Assembly's Total War series. The game was well received by the critic. Medieval: Total War is the second game in the Total War series. Medieval: Total War received acclaim from reviewers. Rome: Total War was released to critical acclaim, and has been well received by gamers. It is widely considered among the greatest strategy video games of all time.
Medieval 2 Total War Cover 001Empire01 39552 medium
PC PC/ Mac OS X PC/ Mac OS X
November 11th, 2006 March 3rd, 2009 February 23th, 2010
Medieval II: Total War, the indirect sequel to Medieval: Total War and the fourth game in the Total War series. Empire: Total War is the fifth installment in the Total War series. Reviewers gave it a positive response upon release. Napoleon: Total War is the sixth stand-alone installment in the Total War series. Players assume the role of Napoleon Bonaparte, or one of his major rivals and engage in the subsequent battles in real-time.
Shogun2TotalWarBoxArt RomeTotalWarIIBoxArt Total War-Threekingdoms-Box Art
PC PC/ SteamOS/ Linux PC/ Mac OS X/ Linux
March 15th, 2011 September 3rd, 2013 March 7, 2019
Shogun 2 received critical praise from reviewers, often for its simplification and refinement of the series by returning to its roots. Total War: Rome II was a commercial success, surpassing all other games in Total War series in both sales and number of concurrent players on its release day. Total War: Three Kingdoms is the next major historical title in the Total War series, developed by The Creative Assembly.

Extentions & DLCsEdit

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