Attack: 12

TotalWArThraceGeneral 01

Defense: 14

Hit Points: 2

Recruitment Cost: 770

Abilities: Combat bonus in snow, can form wedge, good morale, good stamina, powerful charge.

A General's Bodyguard was usually a functional unit, rather than a type of soldier. In Thrace, however, they are spear-armed shock cavalry, whose success or failure depends to a large extent on the personal characteristics of the general who they are guarding - his effect on their morale, for example, or on their discipline, will play a large role in determining how they fight. They are in all cases excellent troops. Interestingly, the Thracian Generals' Bodyguards are one of the only bodyguard units in Rome: Total War to be able to form a wedge formation. They are also the only heavy cavalry unit available to the Thracians.
TotalWArThraceGeneral 02

The loyal bodyguards of a Thracian general, preparing to accompany their protected leader into battle.