Seven Gods of Olympus appear in Total War Saga: Troy. Attaining the favour of the gods can help the player achieve victory on the battlefield.


The gods can affect the game in similar ways to their Homeric counterparts through their influence over factions, rather than direct intervention on the battlefield. Gaining their favour requires investment of time or resources, but also provides various benefits as the game progresses.

Players have the ability to worship several gods at once, but maintaining their favour will be costly, and require spending on grand hecatombs, building temples, and performing expensive rituals.

At the highest level, each cult unlocks a unique mythical unit or epic agent to recruit in the campaign.

Having gods in the neglected state might incur their wrath, or that of their priesthood, in the form of incidents and demoralising ill omens.


All the gods and their associated prayer effects:

  • Hera - Invading armies receive sustained attrition.
  • Zeus - Improved deal evaluation for diplomatic agreements.
  • Apollo - Increased campaign movement speed and improved agent action success rate.
  • Ares - Decreased invading army morale.
  • Athena – Increased recruitment capacity and additional experience for all recruited units.
  • Poseidon – Immunity to deep-seas attrition and increased speed for melee, mounted and chariot units.
  • Aphrodite – Increased population growth and public order.


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