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ATotal War Saga: Troy features the the Gods of Olympus which the player can interact through the Divine Will system. Worshipping them regularly earns the player their favour can help one achieve their goals in the campaign. This can however quickly turn to wrath if the gods are neglected.


All the gods and their associated prayer effects:

  • Hera - Invading armies receive sustained attrition.
  • Zeus - Improved deal evaluation for diplomatic agreements.
  • Apollo - Increased campaign movement speed and improved agent action success rate.
  • Ares - Decreased invading army morale.
  • Athena – Increased recruitment capacity and additional experience for all recruited units.
  • Poseidon – Immunity to deep-seas attrition and increased speed for melee, mounted and chariot units.
  • Aphrodite – Increased population growth and public order.

Prayers cost 400 food and 20 gold at the Neglected level, 600 food and 30 gold at the Respected level, 800 food and 40 gold at the Celebrated level, and 1000 food and 50 gold at the Worshipped level. They effect of the prayer also increases accordingly, but gains no new qualities.