Prussia Grenadiers NTW

Russia Grenadiers NTW

Spain Grenadiers NTW

Appears in Napoleon: Total War, The Peninsular Campaign
Belongs to Prussia, Russia, Spain
Type Grenadiers
Soldiers in each unit 30/60/90/120
Produced from Drill School
Special abilities

Grenadiers are a type of grenadier infantry in Napoleon: Total War.


Grenadiers are large, strong men, armed with muskets and a fearsome reputation.

Grenadiers see themselves as elite soldiers, and occupy the place of honour at the right of the line on parade. They have good reason: only large, brave men become grenadiers, this size and strength makes them an impressive sight in a charge. It also gives them an advantage in melee combat. Grenadiers are a proud group and this pride makes for dedicated soldiers who will follow orders to the letter. Like other infantry, they must exercise caution when facing heavy cavalry, but they are also vulnerable to attack from skirmishers.

Historically, grenadier regiments and battalions began as ad-hoc assault groups. All line infantry regiments had grenadier companies; collecting these sub-units gave commanders a useful group of heavily armed, aggressive and skilful soldiers. Grenadier companies remained in line infantry regiments after the creation of grenadier regiments, but they largely abandoned using grenades: instead, each grenadier company became a “heavy mob” of the biggest and strongest soldiers in a regiment!

General InformationEdit

Grenadiers are strong men, having generally superior melee abilities and defenses than their line infantry counterparts. Compared to their Empire: Total War counterparts, Grenadiers in Napoleon: Total War have 50% more men, making them considerably more durable and deadly in melee fighting. Adding to this new strength is their ability to use Square Formation, greatly improving their resistance to enemy cavalry. On the other hand, their reloading and accuracy are now worse than regular line infantry, and the impact of their grenades are inconsistent. They remain vulnerable to skirmishers, and despite their excellent melee characteristics they still stand to face heavy casualties from cavalry charges to their flank or rear.

Grenadiers are available for many, but not all, playable factions. Nearly all playable factions have some variant of grenadiers: Austria has German Grenadiers and Hungarian Grenadiers, while France has Grenadiers of the Line. The only exception is Great Britain, who lack any soldiers that fill the category at all. 


Faction Accuracy Reload Melee Charge Defence Morale Cost Upkeep
General 45 45 9 16 10 8 680 SP/840 MP 170
Prussia 50 50 9 16 10 8 690 SP/850 MP 170
Portugal 50 55 9 16 9 8 720 SP/860 MP 180
Russia 40 20 10 21 9 9 690 SP/870 MP 170


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