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Guan Yu is a Chinese name; the family name is Guan.

Guan Yu is a unique legendary Champion hero in Total War: Three Kingdoms. He is a member of Liu Bei in 190, 194 and 200.


Guan Yu is a fierce and noble general serving under Liu Bei. One of the greatest warriors in China with a keen intellect, Zhang Fei looked up to him as his older brother. His magnificent beard was known throughout the land, and he was often nicknamed ‘Beautiful Beard’ by his peers.

General Information[]


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  • Expertise: 88
    • -17% construction cost (administered commandery)
    • +27 melee evasion
  • Resolve: 136
    • +61% general's health
    • +8k population growth (administered commandery)
  • Cunning: 35
    • +3% ammunition (own retinue)
    • +1 military supplies (own army)
  • Instinct: 108
    • +22% melee damage
    • -6% recruitment cost (this army)
  • Authority: 40
    • +1 unit morale (own retinue)


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God of War

  • +40 expertise
  • +25 resolve
  • +15 instinct
  • +1 resilience
  • -50% desire for higher office

Commends Physical Strength, Commends Physical Ability, Supports War.

Unit Statistics[]

  • Morale: 70
  • Melee Toughness: 28
  • Ranged Toughness: 37
  • Melee Power: 34

  • Hit Points: 18k
  • Melee Charge Bonus: 211
  • Melee Attack Rate: 24
  • Base Melee Damage: 2.3k
  • Armour-Piercing Melee Damage: 993
  • Base Melee Evasion: 27%
  • Base Armour: 50%
  • Ranged Block Chance: 30%
  • Speed: 97


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  • +8 resolve
  • -50% desire for higher office
  • -10% chance of capturing enemy officers post-battle
  • Decreases ambition to gain independence as administrator

Commends Honour, Opposes Criminality, Opposes Cruelty.


  • +8 resolve
  • -50% desire for higher office

Focuses on Friendship.


  • +12 instinct
  • Enables: Immune to Scaring

Respects Decisiveness.


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  • Trust
    • +8 resolve
    • +10% armour for all spear infantry
    • +20% income from peasantry (administered commandery)
  • Reach
    • +8 instinct
    • +1 available armies (if prime minister, heir or leader)
    • +25% campaign movement range (when commanding)
  • Endurance
    • +8 resolve
    • -50% attrition from military supply shortage (when commanding)
    • Enables: Fatigue Resistance (own retinue)
  • Binding Fury
    • +4 resolve
    • +4 instinct
    • Ability: Binding Fury
  • Flexibility
    • +8 resolve
    • -25% redeployment cost (if prime minister, heir or leader)
    • +5% replenishment (when commanding)


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  • Immune to Scare
    • Immune to scare effects.
  • Binding Fury (Melee Attack)
    • Can use if:
      • In melee
      • Engaged in a duel or has an attack order
      • Not on Elephant
    • Splash Damage: 7.5k
    • Duration: 10s
    • Cooldown: 60s


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  • Green Dragon Crescent Blade
    • Base Melee Damage: 1.9k
    • Armour-Piercing Melee Damage: 993
    • Melee Attack Rate: 24
    • +18 expertise
    • +18 instinct
    • +50 charge bonus
  • Guan Yu's Armour
    • Base Armour: 50
    • +15 resolve
    • +6 instinct
    • +30% ranged block chance
  • Brown Horse
    • Speed: 97
    • Mass: 1.5k
    • +2 resolve


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Guan Yu is mentioned a little bit earlier in the history records than Zhang Fei, but it was in a criminal record. By all means, he was an outlaw in hiding until the Yellow Turban Rebellion broke out and China was suddenly faced with bigger problems. He roamed across northern China for a while before eventually linking up with Liu Bei and Zhang Fei. Together, the three formed perhaps the strongest bond in China, and their roaming militia served to protect the peasantry against the rebels.

Together with his two friends, they rapidly rose to power before quickly losing it all to the betrayal of Lü Bu and a war with Cao Cao. Liu Bei fled north, Zhang Fei went missing, and Cao Cao's armies captured Guan Yu. The warlord held Guan Yu in high regard, however, and after a bit of bribery with expensive gifts, Guan Yu agreed to fight for Cao Cao. Both men knew that Guan Yu would defect back to Liu Bei's side the moment he had the opportunity to do so. Still, Guan Yu served Cao Cao honourably, intending to repay his debt for the gifts offered by Cao Cao. After a string of victories, Guan Yu learned of Liu Bei's location and left his men under the command of Cao Cao's officers.

Liu Bei and his two friends, now reunited, fled south to the territory of Liu Biao, but were chased by Cao Cao, who drove them off once more. Liu Bei managed to secure an alliance with Sun Quan, however, and managed to finally establish a stable foothold. Guan Yu, now a general under Liu Bei, mainly served as a defensive general, as Zhuge Liang became the most accomplished general under Bei.

When Sun Quan finally broke the alliance with Liu Bei and declared war in 219, Guan Yu found himself in a terrible position, surrounded by enemies under Sun Quan, as well as allied forces of Cao Cao who had joined ranks to kill him. While it looked like Guan Yu could break his encirclement and escape west, he was betrayed by his own officers, the most notable of which was Mi Fang, who was still bitter about Liu Bei abandoning his concubine and the sister of Fang, Lady Mi.

Guan Yu dodged death once more, leaving with only a small handful of men, but was intercepted once more by Sun Quan's forces, who captured and immediately executed him, sending his head to Sun Quan. The death of Guan Yu would inspire both hatred and a lust for vengeance in the hearts of Liu Bei and Zhang Fei, but betrayal plagued Shu-Han for a considerable amount of time.