Gun Dealing
Etw wc gun dealing
Prerequisite The Warpath Campaign


Research Points Needed
Building Needed Warrior Lodge
Leads To None
Stream Military, Native
Gun Dealing is a Technology in Empire: Total War. It is available with The Warpath Campaign DLC.


Trading with outsiders means you can give your warriors firearms, when you cannot make them.

A tribe that fails to keep pace with an enemy risks leaving itself vulnerable to attack. However, sometimes the best course of action is to trade, rather than to try to make everything. The Europeans are greedy for furs, and there is no shortage of hunters who can get them. Hard bargaining can get you many guns, until the tribe's smiths can learn the necessary skills. In the 1600s, European settlers supplied guns to the native tribes, through trade or gifts to secure alliances. As tribes adopted firearms,they quickly became a necessity. A people without guns ran the risk of destruction by enemies armed with the new weapons. Though the tribes did gain some independence from European suppliers by learning metalworking and gun maintenance, making gunpowder remained a slow and difficult process. The natives still had to rely on foreigners for powder, putting them at a distinct disadvantage.