Attack: 7

TotalWarRomanHastati 01.jpg

Missile Attack: 11

Defense: 14

Abilities: Javelins thrown before charge, can sap.

Hastati were the front rankers of the Pre-Marian Roman army. The Roman legion was made up of three kinds of infantry, the first of which were the Hastati. They were made up of fresh recruits from poor-average wealth families. Normally the youngest men of the legion, they were armed with two throwing javelins (pila - of shorter range than those of velites) and a sword. As they were less experienced than the other two lines of infantry, and also went into battle first (being in front), they often suffered the heaviest casualties. Those who survived the hastati were eminently qualified to move on to the more experienced Princepes. As they were defeated in battle, the Princepes would take over.

The Hastati.

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