Hattori Mon
Hattori Clan Mon
Daimyō Hattori Hanzō
Color Dark Gold/Black
Playable Yes
Appears in Grand Campaign
Emerges in Iga
Controls Iga
Bonuses Better Ninja Agents, Better Kisho Ninja, Larger Deployment Zone for Ashigaru/Samurai

The Hattori Clan are a playable faction in Total War: Shogun 2. They are unlockable via a code distributed with the Limited Edition version of Shogun 2 or by purchasing the Hattori Clan Pack DLC.

The Hattori are master of subterfuge, assassination and the hidden knife in the dark. They are experts in the art of ninjutsu, and one of the families responsible for developing a school of murder and sabotage, the "Iga-ryu ninjutsu". Not surprisingly, then, they can recruit ninja warriors more cheaply than any other clan, and their ninja have more expertise, both on and off the battlefield. The Hattori are dangerous indeed and, as they look beyond the borders of Iga, their home province, who knows where ambition may take them: perhaps to the shogun's palace.


Start Year - 1545 Start Provinces - Iga

Clan BonusEdit

  • +2% to the success chance of ninja actions.
  • Specialist Hattori units can hide effectively in battle.
  • Specialist Hattori units posses kisho training.
    • Hattori Ashigaru and Samurai can deploy anywhere on the battlefield.
    • Hattori generals start with Night Attack ability.
    • Hattori Ashigaru and Samurai units have higher upkeep costs (33% increase).

Short Campaigns Victory conditionsEdit

Capture and Control Kyoto. Capture and hold 25 provinces including the following: Iga, Ise, Mino, Omi, Kyoto, Yamato

Long Campaigns Victory conditionsEdit

Become Shogun by capturing and holding Kyoto by the end of year: 1600

Capture and hold 40 provinces including the following: Iga, Ise, Mino, Omi, Kyoto, Yamato

General InformationEdit

The Hattori have arguably one of the most difficult campaigns in Total War: Shogun 2. Practically all of their units are 25% more expensive to maintain due to their kisho training. The Hattori unique units, the Hattori Bandits, have a lower killing rate than Bow Ashigaru. Altogether the Hattori do not bring any strong units to the battlefield and has to rely on its kisho training to set up ambushes to gain an advantage on the battlefield.

The Hattori start near strong factions, including the Oda Clan, the Ikko Ikki, Tsutsui Clan, and the Hatakeyama Clan, so expanding can be a dangerous proposition. Its starting province of Iga isn't particularly wealthy and lacks the resources and building slots to make it into an important city.

All Hattori generals have the trait "Night Fighter", allowing them to engage in night battles whenever they are the attacker. This prevents enemy armies from reinforcing each other and reduces their morale. 


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