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Hector is a historical and playable character featured in Total War Saga: Troy.


Hector, the Shining Helm champion of Troy and heir to King Priam, had forged a reputation as one of the world’s finest warriors at the onset of the Trojan War.

The noble warrior, raised from birth to lead his father’s armies, was feared by his enemies and could turn the tide of battle through sheer boldness and military cunning. Wearing ornate bronze armour and carrying a shield, he wielded his mighty spear with skill and ferocity.


Hector is the dutiful Trojan son who would fulfil his father’s ambitions by restoring the Assuwan League of western Anatolia under the banner of Troy.

The prince was renowned for courage and unwavering devotion, leading the war effort against the Achaeans despite his objections to the conflict. Likewise, when Paris returned with King Menelaus’ wife Helen, Hector voiced his disapproval but stood by his younger brother.


Stalwart Hector must reconquer the Trojan city of Gargara from the clutches of the Makarian Aetolians. At the same time, choosing sides among the factions that are warring around him.

Hector must decide whether to support Tereia in their ongoing conflict against the Aegean Pelasgians to the east or march north to aid the honourable Phaenops against the Manyan Phrygians, or perhaps set sail to the isle of Lesbos and claim its riches to help the Trojan cause.


Hector's playstyle is defined by a slow build-up with the help of an ever-growing network of alliances.

He must also resolve the issue of succession with his wayward brother Paris through the Priam's Heir faction mechanic, which grants a kingdom as its ultimate prize.

Hector commands some of the best heavy bronze units in the game and so his strategic goal would be to bide time until he can field them and sweep the map.