TW3K Battle

Three heroes, Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei are leading their troops on the battlefield.

Heroes are a gameplay mechanic in multiple Total War titles. First introduced in Total War: Warhammer, heroes are unique units that can either act on their own with special abilities on the campaign map, or embed themselves within an army and fight alongside it. A Hero may carry a number of different equipment such as weapons, armors, or even his own fellow soldiers.

Total War: WarhammerEdit

First introduced in Total War: Warhammer, heroes are unique unit can act on its own with special abilities on the campaign map or embed itself within an army and fight alongside it. A hero is one level below the faction leader - Lord. However much like a Lord, a Hero may have a number of magical equipment such as swords, armors, amulets, followers, banners, and other miscellaneous objects.

Hero Types Edit

Heroes are divided into different types available depending on the Race.

The Empire Edit

  1. Witch Hunter - Ranged specialist
  2. Battle Wizard - Wizard
  3. Warrior Priest - Melee specialist
  4. Empire Captain - Melee specialist

Dwarfs Edit

  1. Thane - Superior melee fighter
  2. Master Engineer
  3. Runepriest - Anti-magic, support

Greenskins Edit

  1. Goblin Big Boss - Melee specialist
  2. Orc Shaman - Wizard
  3. Night Goblin Shaman - Wizard

Vampire Counts Edit

  1. Necromancer - Wizard
  2. Banshee - Melee specialist
  3. Vampire - Wizard
  4. Wight King

Chaos Warriors Edit

Total War: Three KingdomsEdit

Main article: Hero (Total War: Three Kingdoms)

Hero mechanic returns in Total War: Three Kingdoms. heroes in the game are unique characters with different personality traits, in which 35 to 40 heroes have their very own artwork in the game. heroes are divided into different class that provide benefits in both grand campaign or on the battlefield. Some heroes are better at buffing allies while others are duelist whom are able to hunt down other heroes. Some heroes carry their own unique armors, weapons and equipment.

Agents no longer exists in Three Kingdoms, which means there are no dedicated Generals, Spies or Diplomat in the game. All characters can perform all roles. So all of the player's characters can be a spy one day, a general the next, and a governor after.



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