Hida is a province in Total War: Shogun 2.


General InformationEdit

  • Clan: Anegakoji Clan
  • Port: None
  • Fertility: Barren
  • Specialty/Resource: Wood

Hida is an unusually unfortunate province: it is the only wood resource province that does not have ports, meaning that it does not offer a discount to ships built. The barren soil only makes matters worse. However, it is one of only three provinces to have wood, and the only wood province in central Japan.

Hida borders Etchu to the north, North Shinano to the northeast, South Shinano to the southeast, Mino to the southwest, Echizen to the west, and Kaga to the northwest. However, it has access only to North Shinano, South Shinano and Etchu due to mountains blocking entry to the rest.

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