Highland Foot
Highland Foot are line infantry in Napoleon: Total War.


These “bonny, brae Scots” form the line of battle, using volley fire to break the enemy before delivering a bayonet charge.

Raised from among the fierce people of the Scottish Highlands, these men are the embodiment of the savagery of their clan forebears and the savage discipline of British marching regiments. They fight well, whether giving fire to an enemy, or the bayonet, and Scottish pride gives them a bloody-minded streak that means they rarely break and run. Like other line regiments, they must adopt square formation when attacked by cavalry.

The Highland regiments that fought in the Napoleonic Wars were based on the independent companies that were raised to keep order after the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745. The suppression of the rebellion was a brutal business, and the highlanders who joined were brutal, hard men. In regular service, they became solid, dependable and brave: men who could be relied on to fight on, no matter what was happening around them. The 42nd “Black Watch”, for example, held off repeated French assaults at the Battle of Corunna in 1809, giving the British army time to escape from the port.

General InformationEdit

Highland Foot are line infantry in the British roster with a talent for melee combat: they have better melee, charging bonuses, and morale than Foot. However, they have slightly poorer reloading skills than Foot and are slightly more expensive, so Foot are superior at a distance. Considering that Foot are in most ways the best line infantry in the game, however, Highland Foot are still far superior to nearly every other line infantry in Napoleon: Total War in almost every way.

Highland Foot are also available for Scotland. They are the only line infantry available to Scotland. Given their recruitment limit of 10 regiments, This means that Scotland has the unique disadvantage of not having access to an unlimited pool of line infantry.

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